Established in 2004, CMAW Canada's role is to establish and maintain the best possible standards of pay, benefits, and working conditions for members. Our roots are firm in the building construction trades, beginning with carpenters, scaffolder and growing to include millwrights, fitters, joiners, welders, marina and shipbuilders, school board, manufacturers and many other trades. We are both a diverse and growing Canadian Union.

Every day we stand up for workers – both union and non-union! We strive to organize the unorganized and promote progressive labour and human rights legislation, encourage, promote and champion worker's legitimate struggles and provide aid and assistance to members so that all may share in the benefits of collective agreements as well as fair and just employment legislation. CMAW Canada has agreements with a vast and growing number of contractors throughout Western Canada that employ our 7,000 plus members.

At CMAW Canada we welcome your voice and look forward to having your participation and support as we continue to grow well into the future.

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