Managing today's employment needs can be challenging

The demands of an ever-changing workload can be challenging. When you're the busiest is often when you're faced the added hassle of looking for good, skilled workers to help you do the job. It takes you time you don't have and a considerable amount of money to screen, recruit and train new people.

CMAW would like to help you ensure you have the right skilled, dedicated workforce at the right time. As a CMAW affiliate, you'll enjoy the benefit of being able to access more than 8,000 skilled union members.

Give us a call and let us show you the benefits of being an affiliate. Rest assured that this introduction to our union services comes with no strings attached. Together, we'll explore our new programs and find ways to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship. (Please note that discussions are not to be interpreted as having engaged in bargaining with the union.)

We have identified the following areas that could be of interest to your company. (These programs and services are offered as a basis for future discussions.):


CMAW has a number of options available for Contractors and Owners this includes standard off the shelf agreements or we can tailor something specific to suit your particular needs.

a) Standard Collective Agreement This is a collective bargaining agreement between a specific contractor and CMAW. This agreement is based on competitive rates negotiated by CMAW and Contractors that CMAW maintains a relationship with in similar industries and markets.

b) Project Agreements This is a collective bargaining agreement between the specific contractor and CMAW to govern work conditions and wage rates and is effective until the completion of a specifically named project only.

Click here to see the various wage schedules and collective agreements.


A concern for many contractors is jurisdictional problems between crafts. This concern is raised when needing to assign work and when trying to keep productive. CMAW understands your need for flexibility and we strive to have a good working relationship with employers in Western Canada.


CMAW has workers available for immediate dispatch to your job sites. All it takes is a phone call. (We have Local offices that maintain a list of skilled workers capable of completing your project in a timely manner.) Quite often we have skilled trades people available for your projects in remote areas, saving time and money on travel and accommodation costs.


CMAW takes training very seriously and currently oversees apprenticeship and training programs throughout Western Canada. In addition to the program for apprentices, we also provide upgrading to apprentices and journeymen "in house" or in partnership with Government, Private or Aboriginal facilities.

Courses include Rigging and Signaling, C.S.T.S., Scaffold Erecting, Forklift Operating, Aerial Work Platform, Fall Arrest, Confined Space and more. Depending on the number of workers being trained, some courses can be offered at a contractor's facility. Got a project that requires specialized training, we can help you with that!


Safety is a cost item when bidding for work and we realize that industrial injuries and health problems can affect your profits. CMAW workers are trained to work safely and receive extensive safety and awareness training from our training programs as well as experience from working with skilled labour on previous jobs.


Your company can choose to utilize its skilled tradesman anywhere throughout Western Canada or you can call the CMAW local office nearest to your project to source local labour. Your employees will be asked to let us know where they are working so we can keep in touch.

Note: Your workforce may not need to transfer their membership to different locals when working in different areas of Western Canada.


CMAW represents a number of specialty locals as well. We are able to access/source pretty much any trade you can think of. We have 7000 members! Plus we have relationships with other unions in the construction industry and are able to source tradespeople


Upon signing an agreement, all of your current employees will be enrolled in the Pension and Benefit Plans. CMAW members can participate in one of two excellent and comprehensive Pension Plans depending on provisions in their collective agreement and specific needs. For details of these plans go to

CMAW members can also enjoy the security of one of a number of Health and Welfare Benefit Plans, depending on their collective agreement and requirements. For details go to

You can have the peace of mind knowing your workforce is covered by a cost effective, comprehensible Benefit and Pension Plan.

Want to find out more......pick up the phone and call us!

We would welcome the opportunity to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.

We firmly believe that a partnership between your firm and CMAW can help you meet your needs while maintaining a competitive place in the construction industry. Our goal is to provide good jobs and stable employment for our membership.


Chris Wasilenchuk, President
604-437-0471 office
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