There is a lot to know about how your union works and what benefits you are entitled to receive.  Collective agreements give you the details of what you’re entitled to in exchange for your labour, as well as your rights and responsibilities on the job.  Details about the pension plans and health and welfare benefits you are entitled to are also available here.

There is also a handy Owner’s Manual similar to the one you have for your car, which tells you how the union works. And we have inserted a section regarding raiding, which is where other unions try to take over your union.

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* Please be aware that every site and every company you work for will have rules and safety instructions that you must understand and follow. In many cases you will be working for a company who is working for an owner and the owner and/or the site will have other specific rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to know, understand and follow these rules. When in doubt, talk to your job steward!