CMAW Application forms

CMAW has provided an easy way for us to get to know you. The on-line application for membership will be forwarded to the appropriate Local Union in your area.

We dispatch qualified tradespeople to employers in diverse industries, such as:

  • Carpenters to work on Site C Dam Project in Northern BC
  • Display technicians that set Trade and Auto shows
  • Diverse trade workers to do maintenance & shut down work at CNRL in Northern Alberta
  • Scaffolders that do pulp mill shut down work
  • Multiple craft workers employed in Shipyards in Vancouver
  • CBA upcoming work
  • LNG work

CMAW affiliated Local Unions are always looking for safe and talented members. So fill out the form and we will get back to you.

(Carpenters, lathers and scaffolders)

Please click here to apply as a Journeyperson or an Apprentice. 

Local 99 Alberta/Saskatchewan 
(Pipefitter, Cladder, Sheet Metal, Crane & Hoist, Carpenter, Scaffolder)

Click here for the application form (all trades).

British Columbia Marine & Ship Builders

Click here for the application for CMAW Local 506 (BC Marine & Ship Builders)


Or call your CMAW Local office