Here you'll find out what a union is really all about and learn what steps are required to join a union. You'll also get some answers to basic questions you might have about the benefits of joining a union and what your employer can and can't do after you contact a union about organizing.

"Organizing" is labour terminology for joining a union. Workers join unions more often when there's unfairness in the workplace or when they want input into wages and working conditions where they work.

The basics
What is a union? Is it legal to join a union? Which union to choose? Begin your search here if you've never had a union before or never been involved in an organizing campaign.

Forming a Union
Your right to organize is protected by legislation. Understanding the law is a critical first step to securing that right.

Employers Can't
What's legal? What employers can and can't do to workers trying to organize a union. 

Organizing Brochure

Click here to see the Organizing Brochure.