The Trustees of the CMAW Benefit Plan acknowledge that the cost of health and dental coverage for Canadian retirees is on the rise, and want to help you, our union members, access adequate health and dental protection at reasonable costs. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan.

Like the current plan for active members, the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan will be provided through Green Shield Canada. You will pay a monthly premium for plan membership.  The current monthly premium will be $122 for single coverage and $229 for couple/family coverage. The premiums will be reviewed each year against plan costs and may change in the future.  If you receive a pension from the CTPP with a monthly pension payment greater than the monthly premium, premiums will be deducted directly from your pension payments. If your monthly pension payment is less than the monthly premium, or if you were a member of the CMAW DC Plan, you must provide 12 post-dated cheques to your benefits administrator.

The plan is “self-insured.” This means that the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan pays Green Shield Canada dollar-for-dollar for the claims Green Shield Canada reimburses to you, as well as an administrative fee. The plan includes annual and lifetime maximum coverage limits to help keep plan costs and premiums affordable and sustainable.

Please review the enclosed CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan booklet for coverage details.