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A construction union that cares about you

We get it, you want work to be straightforward—no hunting for new jobs, no worrying about your next paycheque, and working at high quality sites that care about you. And that’s exactly what you deserve. We’re a construction union that’s providing the things you need to make your life easy.


There’s a lot to know about how your union works and what benefits you’re entitled to receive. Being a member of CMAW means understanding the Collective Agreement you’re working under and how the union is structured.

Being a Member

Collective Agreements

The rights and benefits of membership.

Curious about what membership with CMAW means? You can review the Collective Agreements by scrolling down and selecting the relevant contract. The CMAW Constitution will teach you about the fundamental principles our union was founded on, how the union is structured, and how our officers are elected.

Check out the CMAW Owner’s Manual below as well for more information about CMAW’s structure, your rights as a member, and how your dues are used.

Learn about CMAW


We’re an open book. Check out the Owner’s Manual to learn a bit more of our history and discover how we make decisions as a union. You’ll also find out how you can ask for help, tap into our services, and get involved in the work of the union.

Collective Agreements and Wage Schedules


TitleDocumentWage Schedules
Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. – CMAW Craft Insulators Standard Industrial Maintenance Agreement AlbertaDownload PDFDownload PDF
DLI Construction Agreement AlbertaDownload PDFDownload PDF
DLI Maintenance Agreement AlbertaDownload PDFDownload PDF
DLI Edmonton ModuleDownload PDFSee page 22
Excel Scaffold Services Ltd.Download PDFDownload PDF

British Columbia

TitleDocumentWage Schedules
AARC-West Scaffolding Inc ICI All Employee AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
Adey Brothers Scaffolding Solutions Ltd.Download PDFSee page 29
AFDE Site C Collective AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
ATCO – General Service Agreement – Industrial-Commercial-Institutional – Prince GeorgeDownload PDFSee page 17
ATCO – General Service Agreement MOA – Prince GeorgeDownload PDFN/A
ATCO – Project Labour Agreement for LNG BC Camp Facilities (Cedar Valley Lodge)Download PDFDownload PDF
ATCO – Project Labour Agreement for Site CDownload PDFSee page 29
ATCO – Project Specific Labour Agreement – Pretium SiteDownload PDFDownload PDF
Atlantic Industries Limited AgreementDownload PDFSee page 15
Auriat Construction Download PDFSee page 39
BOSA Construction Inc. – StandardDownload PDFDownload PDF
BOSA Construction Inc. – Union Exclusive ProjectsDownload PDFDownload PDF
Canada Scaffold Supply Co Download PDFDownload PDF
Carpenters Standard Commercial Institutional AgreementDownload PDF Download PDF
Carpenters Standard Industrial AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
CHC/AHC Collective AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
CHC/AHC Bridge River Letter of AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
CH MechanicalDownload PDFSee Page 32
Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. ICI All Employee AgreementDownload PDF
CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Commercial Institutional AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
CLR Craft Carpenters Standard Industrial AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
CLR Special Project Needs Agreement for Site C B.O.P.Download PDFN/A
CLR Project Labour Agreement for the Highway Reinstatement ProgramDownload PDFDownload PDF
CLR Special Project Needs Agreement for the George Massey Crossing-Corridor ImprovementsDownload PDFDownload PDF
Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)Download PDFSee applicable section of agreement 
DLI – ICI Construction Agreement – BCDownload PDFSee page 27
Dynamic Industries LtdDownload PDFSee page 29
Ecko Insulating LtdDownload PDFSee page 20
Eyford Construction LtdDownload PDFDownload PDF
Force Construction IncDownload PDFDownload PDF
Greystone Design Management Ltd. AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
Hil-Tech Contracting LtdDownload PDFSee page 29
Kingston-SBW-WIC Commercial Institutional AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
Kingston-SBW-WIC Industrial AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
Marwest Industries Ltd Standard All Employee AgreementDownload PDFSee page 29
Midwest Mechanical LtdDownload PDFSee page 29
North Coast Mill Installations LtdDownload PDFDownload PDF
North Island Students’ Union SocietyDownload PDFDownload PDF
Northern Civil Energy Site C AgreementDownload PDFSee page 29
Northern Civil Energy Collective AgreementDownload PDFSee page 29
Pacific Builders Supplies AgreementDownload PDFSee page 16
Partacor Systems Ltd.Download PDFDownload PDF
Peace River Hydro Partners (Petrowest Site C)Download PDFDownload PDF
Resilient Plumbing and HeatingDownload PDFDownload PDF
Riteway Mechanical Repairs Ltd. AgreementDownload PDFSee page 32
Spartan Scaffolding LtdDownload PDFSee page 29
Standard All Employee AgreementDownload PDFDownload PDF
The Board Of Education School District NO. 78 (Fraser Cascade)Download PDFSee page 44
Tri Craft Enterprises Ltd.Download PDFDownload PDF


TitleDocumentWage Schedules
DLI Construction Agreement – NunavutDownload PDFSee page 22


TitleDocumentWage Schedules
DLI Contractors Agreement – SaskatchewanDownload PDFDownload PDF


TitleDocumentWage Schedules
Letter of Interpretation for Meal BreaksDownload PDFN/A
CLR BC Construction Camp Rules and RegulationsDownload PDFN/A