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Pension & Benefit Plans

Welcome to the CMAW Pension & Benefit Plans. We provide unionized CMAW members with a comprehensive package of pension and health benefits.

CMAW Pension and Benefit Plans Administration Contact

Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators

1000 – 4445 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC, V5C 0E4

Toll Free: 1-844-366-2629

Fax: 604-433-8894


For more than three decades, the CMAW Target Pension Plan has helped people like you achieve a secure retirement. Launched on July 1, 1970, the Plan now has about 2,600 members and beneficiaries receiving a pension, and another 3,000 active members still earning pensions.

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What to expect

Benefit Plan for Active Members

With the CMAW Benefit Plan, you get a comprehensive package of benefits covering extended health, dental, vision care, wage indemnity, long term disability, life insurance and more. Please see the attached CMAW Benefit Plan booklet with important information from the Board of Trustees. For more information please contact the Plan Office.


The expected contribution rate, as of May 1, 2022, changed to $2.50 per hour. If the contribution rate paid on your behalf is less than the expected rate, your credited hours will be prorated accordingly. The Trustees will periodically review the expected contribution rate and adjust if needed. 

Employee and Family Assistance Program

An Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides professional, confidential support services including short-term counselling, programs and resources to members and their EFAP-eligible dependents for help with work, health and life issues.

Self Payment Options

You may use any of the following options to pay the required amount as detailed in your self-payment notice.

Option 1: Self-Payment from your bank account

Set up CMAW Benefit Plan as a Payee and pay the amount shown. If you do not see CMAW Benefit Plan listed as an option, contact your branch for further instructions.

Option 2: Cheque or Money Order

Return the self-payment notice with your cheque or money order payable to CMAW Benefit Plan.

What to expect

Retiree Benefit Plan

CMAW Pension and Benefit Plans Administration Contact

Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators

1000 – 4445 Lougheed Hwy

Burnaby, BC V5C 0E4

Toll Free: 1-844-366-2629

Fax: 604-433-8894

The Trustees of the CMAW Benefit Plan acknowledge that the cost of health and dental coverage for Canadian retirees is on the rise, and want to help you, our union members, access adequate health and dental protection at reasonable costs. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan to eligible members upon retirement.

Like the current plan for active members, the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan will be provided through Green Shield Canada. You will pay a monthly premium for plan membership.  The current monthly premium will be $122 for single coverage and $229 for couple/family coverage. The premiums will be reviewed each year against plan costs and may change in the future.  If you receive a pension from the CTPP with a monthly pension payment greater than the monthly premium, premiums will be deducted directly from your pension payments. If your monthly pension payment is less than the monthly premium, or if you were a member of the CMAW DC Plan, you must provide 12 post-dated cheques to your benefits administrator.

The plan is “self-insured.” This means that the CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan pays Green Shield Canada dollar-for-dollar for the claims Green Shield Canada reimburses to you, as well as an administrative fee. The plan includes annual and lifetime maximum coverage limits to help keep plan costs and premiums affordable and sustainable.

Please review the enclosed CMAW Retiree Benefit Plan booklet for coverage details.

CMAW Pension & Benefit Plan – Forms

You can find most of the forms you will need in the following pages. Once you download your form, print it out and fill it in — we have designed each form to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Once completed, return the form to the address shown on the document.

Why do I have to fill out a form?

Sometimes it can seem like a lot of trouble to go through, especially if all you are doing is making a small change. But legally, we are required to get these requests in writing, with certain information spelled out. It also protects you because there is a clear written record of every change and transaction that has taken place.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for the CMAW Target Pension and CMAW Benefit Plans is composed of an elected representative from each of the seven participating jurisdictions.


Jessie Gregory (Chair) 

Andrew Brown

Chris Wasilenchuk

Henry Froste

Jason Pettigrew

Mikael Jensen

Peter Cali


Jessie Gregory (Chair)

Barb Bachmeier

Blair Rawlings

Chris Wasilenchuk

Michele Banducci

Mikael Jensen

Shawn Delaney