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Taking action for Tradespeople,Carpenters,Electricians,Plumbers,Welders,Scaffolders,Joiners,Shipbuilders,Lathers,Cabinetmakers,Industrial Workers,School Board Employees


We care because we know you. We understand this industry. We’ve been on the job sites. We live the lifestyle. And that’s why we fight so hard to protect and improve it.

We represent tradespeople in Western Canada to provide fair compensation, safe work environments, and an improved standard of living. We know that through building a better, inclusive community, we can create effective change that improves lives. 

By standing together, we’re stronger. 

We are a

A Diverse Workforce


Members and Contractors represented by CMAW in Western Canada.

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Your Trades Community

We stand up for people who need it most.

We’re not just looking for members but building a community. A community that supports each other and accomplishes more together than we ever could individually.

We are working for people first. Fighting to improve their compensation, working conditions, and their overall lives—everyday.