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Mike Handford’s Covid Battle

24 Jun2021

Mike Handford. Son. Husband. Father of 8. Grandpa. Brother. Uncle. Nephew. and Friend.
In April of this year, Mike arrived at a job in Fort Mac for a job he could not afford to turn down. Happy to supply an income for his family, he arrived at camp to do a common ‘turn around’. An ongoing outbreak of Covid had been happening and Mike, tested along with his whole crew, tested positive and the illness started to take over his body.

For the following week he tried to get through, hoping to get back to work..

He was transferred to Edmonton for Ecmo Machine ( Iron Lung ) treatment.

His loving wife Amber has been in a nearby hotel, paid for by the company, and can make the long walk to visit him daily. She spends as much time as allowed talking to him, reading ,playing his favorite music on the sanitized Tablet that he is permitted to have in the room. She even plays messages from friends and family in hopes he hears the words of love and encouragement to help pull him through. He has tried to smile, squeeze her hand and even attempted a ‘thank you’, which of course has given Amber the joy, hope and energy she needs.

With Mike now receiving no income and Amber taking a leave of Absence from her work to be with him in Edmonton, they of course are falling on harder times financially as well. Her hotel has no restaurant and Amber is not getting the rest and nutrition that she needs to stay strong for Mike . Many of us have felt helpless and have wondered what we could do to help or make this even a little easier on Mike and his family. Everything is hard right now for everyone. The smallest contribution will help Mike and Amber continue this fight together with the focus on the love that they share and the love we all have for Mike as well.

After donating, please share this page and send out your positive thoughts and prayers to help Mike. We will be providing frequent updates as Mike’s conditions changes and you can find Ambers updates on a youtube page. It is so difficult and emotionally draining to update all of the friends and family individually, so her daily videos are a wonderful way for us to keep close and informed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support in comments and contributions. We all know how grateful both Mike and Amber are and we Hope and Pray that he will be able to make his OWN you tube video soon, telling you himself.

Mike Handford’s GoFundMe Page