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ABCS Fall Protection Local 1081/1735

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What to expect

The course is approximately eight hours in duration and includes an instructor led presentation, practical exercises, class discussion, power point presentation.  There is a written knowledge test at the end of the course.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of the training program, you will be knowledgeable and/or demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Controlling or Eliminating fall hazards;
  • Legislation & standards pertaining to fall protection;
  • Employer and worker responsibilities;
  • Recent statistical information, workplace incidents, and the need for training;
  • Methods of eliminating, analyzing, preventing, and controlling falls;
  • Rescue and escape planning;
  • Pre-use visual inspections;
  • Reporting deficiencies;
  • Impact forces;
  • Fall clearance;
  • Fall protection systems; and
  • Fall protection system components


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