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Scaffold Qualification Course Local 1995

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What to expect

The Scaffold Qualification Course is for carpenters or scaffold erectors with 5000 hours or more of practical scaffold experience and who have successfully completed the Introduction to Scaffold and the Intermediate Scaffold Course. The classroom portion consists of review of regulations and rules as well as discussion of changes in the industry. There is a blueprint reading component as well as a knot tying review which includes splicing. Load limits and requirements are reviewed. The practical portion consists of ramps, towers and hanging scaffolds, bridging scaffolds, and scaffolds cantilevered from beams.

Carpenters or scaffold erectors with 8000 hours or more of practical scaffold experience may challenge this course. Students Challenging the course must have extensive experience planning and building complex scaffolds, reading blueprints, supervising work crews and working with a variety of contractors and clients. This course will call on all of the skills taught in the Introduction and Intermediate courses; review will be minimal.

The practical projects, comprising 80-90% of the course, will be complex, requiring the students to have previous thorough knowledge of building codes and regulations as well as safety regulations. The projects in this unit will be mostly tube and clamp.


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